League of Legends: Spin Master Celebrates Riot’s MOBA with Collectible Figurines

After celebrating the 2021 Worlds of League of Legends, the representatives of Riot Games announce a collaboration with Spin Master that will materialize with a new line of collectible figurines dedicated to the most iconic characters of the MOBA.

The partnership signed by Riot with Spin Master will allow the leading company in the children’s entertainment sector to transpose the polygonal models of Champions most famous in figurines for collectors.

Spin Master’s League of Legends-themed product line will include 6 inches collectible figurines with 18 points of articulations and accessories for the individual Samples and the 10.16 cm base figurines with 12 points of articulation for Champions like Darius, Yasuo and Jinx. Then there will be the packages that they will understand 5 statuettes of 10.16 cm, with sets that will include Ekko, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, Vi and an exclusive version of Jinx.

Spin Master’s Fall 2021 collection of League of Legends figurines is suitable for fans aged 12 and over and will be available at major toy and collector’s item distribution chains. At the bottom of the news you will find the gallery with images taken by two famous toy photographers, Mitchel Wu e Jax Navarro.

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