League of Legends: Udyr’s redesign finally shows up with a gameplay video

Game News League of Legends: Udyr’s redesign finally shows up with a gameplay video

For several years now, Riot has been operating one or more partial or even total overhauls of some of its champions during League of Legends seasons. This year, it is the guardian of the spirits Udyr who will be entitled to a well-deserved facelift. This redesign is illustrated today in video.

An eagerly awaited rework

Riot Games has been talking about the redesign of the famous Jungler Udyr for some time now. It must be said that the Guardian of the Spirits is starting to get old when it was originally part of the roster released in 2009. Since then, League of Legends has evolved greatly and its roster has never stopped growing with champions with ever more original and dynamic skills. For his part, Udyr remained on the floor until the character and his kit of spells took a serious hit of old.

Announced more than a year and a half ago, this overhaul is intended to be total: Not only is the character entitled to new, more up-to-date visuals, but he should also benefit from refined lore and above all, a globally redesigned skill kit to meet the expectations of current fans and players. . All of these elements have just been shown with the first gameplay video shared by Riot.

Udyr 2022: even more rooted in lore?

As usual, Riot shares here a video where CGI sequences and gameplay captures mingle. When we see these images, it is clear that our champion has certainly benefited from a substantial overhaul, but nevertheless remains faithful to its old version. Udyr’s kit always works according to the “postures” that allow him to approach each combat situation in the most appropriate way.

Furthermore, rather than relying on animals in nature, the guardian of the spirits uses here skills inspired by the deities of the lore of League of Legends, a far from anecdotal specificity that was expected by the community. Among its four spells, there are three that can be associated with Frelj├Ârd champions already present in the game: Ornn, Volibear and Anivia.

Now that Udyr’s rework has officially been unveiled, it shouldn’t be long before it lands in Summoner’s Rift. The next patch 12.15 should see this revamped version of Udyr arrive.good news for all Jungler fans who are looking forward to this work.

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