League of Legends Wild Rift, Riot talks about the future of mobile esports

One year after the launch of the inaugural season of Wild Rift Esports, Riot’s first venture into mobile esports, and after the Wild Rift Circuit competitions, Riot Games illustrates the intentions for the competitions of the same MOBA for smartphones: here are the programs for the League of Legends Wild Rift esports scene.

Press release – In 2023, we will centralize our efforts and focus Wild Rift esports in Asia, the region with the largest and most active mobile esports marketplace in the world. Wild Rift Asia will be the first professional cross-regional esports league on mobile and will replace Wild Rift Esports (WRE) starting in April 2023.

This new ecosystem will consist of twelve teams from the Chinese WRL and eight teams from other Asian regions in 2022. The season will consist of two splits per year and will highlight the top talent from the most competitive regions in our sport.

Given the robust Asian mobile esports market and the high level of competition in these regions (as was evident at Icons 2022), we are delighted to be able to open the Wild Rift esports regular season to cross-regional play. The new Wild Rift league will bring the intensity and emotion of regional rivalries more regularly to all fans in Asia. We will give you more information about this league in early 2023!

In light of this new schedule, we will no longer directly manage Wild Rift esports leagues outside of Asia, instead leaving the possibility for third parties to organize events: in this way we will be able to give priority to the new Asian league of Wild Rift.

We believe these changes will give the community the time and space to grow naturally and establish the role of high-level competitions in its ecosystem. We will continue to observe the evolution of the Wild Rift esports landscape and will be ready to move accordingly.

The first year of Wild Rift Esports has taught us a lot and we are grateful to the community, players and teams around the world for the great support provided. Thanks again and appointment for 2023 for the presentation of the new Asian league!

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