Leak of GTA 6: Rockstar finally comes out of the silence

After a very hectic weekend, marked by the unveiling of images of the future GTA 6, Rockstar has just released a press release. The publisher confirms in particular that the leaked videos are indeed authentic.

Image 1: Leak of GTA 6: Rockstar finally comes out of silence
Rockstar confirms the authenticity of the leak ©Rockstar/2K Games

Some time ago, Rockstar said “goodbye” to GTA 5 and GTA Online by posting the credits of the game on its site. Some imagined that this augured big announcements to come on his future blockbuster. But it was ultimately through hacker teapotuberhacker that we found out what the game was going to be like. Rockstar got hacked and the first footage of GTA 6 was unveiled this weekend. 90 videos from a preliminary version of the game are thus in nature.

Quickly, the authenticity of the leak was confirmed by some colleagues. It is obviously not the finished product (which can be seen in terms of textures) but the editor has necessarily very bad. Mute until then, Rockstar has finally come out of the silence. The opportunity to confirm the piracy and the authenticity of the leaked images.

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GTA 6 Leak: Rockstar’s Disappointment

“We recently experienced a network breach in which an unauthorized third party illegally uploaded confidential information to our systems, including early development images for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto,” pointed out Rockstar on Twitter before expressing his displeasure.

“Extremely disappointed” to have been preceded by a leak, the publisher assures however that this will have no impact on the development of GTA 6. “Our work on the next Grand Theft Auto game will continue as planned and we remain more committed than ever to delivering an experience to you, our players, that truly exceeds your expectations,” can we thus read.

It now remains to be seen if other images will be released in the near future. Because as a reminder, the pirate is blackmailing Rockstar, seeking to make an agreement, probably to obtain a large sum of money in exchange for his discretion. Revealing all of the source code would be particularly annoying for the publisher and its customers. In addition to the spoilers, such a leak would allow hackers to exploit flaws in the final version.

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