Leaked! Mouse not announced by Logitech appears on French website

Last night the French e-commerce site boulanger accidentally listed several gaming mice not yet announced by Logitech. It is about G502 X, an updated series of the popular G502. The ads soon went down (I even managed to see them in person, but they disappeared), however, not before Reddit users took several screenshots that we will analyze in depth in this post!

Old mouse that still conquers thousands

O Logitech G502 Proteus Core was initially launched in 2014 and thanks to its extreme popularity among gamers, it has become a reference in design and functionality in the mouse world. The G502 has had several updates, such as the “Hero” model that has a better sensor and the wireless model, “Lightspeed”.

G502 Proteus Core – Source: Oficina da Net
  • Sensor Model: Pixart PMW3366
  • Main switches: OMRON China 20M
  • Scroll Encoder: Optical Logitech
  • Scroll switch: Generic SMD and Generic Tactile
  • Weight: 121g
  • Update rate: 1000Hz
  • Do you have software?: Yea
  • Extra buttons: 5 extra buttons
  • Footprint: palm

Logitech G502 Proteus Core – See the complete technical sheet here

As it is an old design, the G502 has functions that, over time, no longer exist in gaming mice, such as the “sniper button”, which lowers the mouse’s DPI when pressed. We also have removable weights on the underside of the mouse, something that soon went out of fashion, since nowadays the vast majority of gamers prefer to play with extremely light mice.

Even so, the G502 is still Logitech’s most popular gaming mouse – and many people still swear by it.

New releases: Logitech G502 X

From what I understand from the leaked information (all in French), there will be four releases:

Version: Wireless? With RGB? Weight: Price:
G502 X No No Uninformed 80 euros (R$ 422)
G502 X Lightspeed Yea No 102g 139.99 euros (BRL 738)
G502 X Plus No Yea Uninformed Uninformed
G502 X Plus Lightspeed Yea Yea 106g 159.99 euros (BRL 844)

In the photos we notice that the mouse appears to have a less “aggressive” and more ergonomic format – which is in line with current trends.

G502 X Plus Lightspeed in its white and black version

Logitech hasn’t removed the outdated “sniper” button from the side of the mouse, but it is now removable to “customize the mouse based on your preference and grip”.

Sniper button is removable
Sniper button is removable

The scroll wheel has also been re-designed. It’s still “infinite”, that function they couldn’t remove, but it appears to be up to date. Probably using technology developed for the MX MASTER 3 productivity mice.

We also have the little arrows indicating the side clicks on the scroll wheel
We also have the little arrows indicating the side clicks on the scroll wheel

Reduced weight (not yet a lightweight mouse, but considerably reduced in weight when compared to the old G502),

All mouse buttons have the same switch, the new Omrom Opto-Mechanical “Lightforce” switches. We still don’t know how good they are as they haven’t even been released yet.

opto-mechanical switches
opto-mechanical switches

All use the same 25,000 DPI HERO sensor, common in the brand’s high-end mice, such as the G-PRO Wireless and G502 Hero.

One of the main changes we find in the bottom of the mouse, in the feet. Finally, PTFE feet! And in a considerable size too!

PTFE feet
PTFE feet

Lightspeed (wireless) versions are charged via a USB-C cable. We still don’t know if the mouse has bluetooth function or only 2.4 Ghz through the dongle.

In the image we see a USB-C cable and a 2.4 Ghz dongle for Lightspeed connection
In the image we see a USB-C cable and a 2.4 Ghz dongle for Lightspeed connection

Technical sheet: G502 X Plus Lightspeed

  • Sensor Model: Hero 25K
  • Main switches: OMRON Optomechanical Lightforce
  • Scroll Encoder: not yet announced
  • Scroll switch: OMRON Optomechanical Lightforce
  • Weight: 106g
  • Update rate: 1000Hz
  • Do you have software?: Yea
  • Extra buttons: 6 buttons
  • Footprint: palm

Who is this mouse made for?

I say that the G502 X was made to supply the part of the market that enjoys gaming, but doesn’t want to give up the infinite scroll and grip of the G502. Most of the mice we review are lightweight, for small hands and for claw and fingertip grips. This one, on the other hand, is large, relatively heavy and for palm grip – fulfilling the same function that the G502 fulfills today, only better.

I really liked what they did with the design. It’s always risky to change products that are already established on the market, and the G502 is probably the most recognizable mouse in the world.

By all indications, Logitech has developed an excellent mouse. I’m looking forward to testing it.

Note that all information in this post may change and/or be incorrect, as it is based on a leak. We eagerly await the official launch of Logitech.

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