Leaks on GTA 6: the hacker wants to “negotiate” with Rockstar

The Internet user behind the spectacular leak that affected Grand Theft Auto 6 says he is ready to discuss with Rockstar Games, possibly to obtain a ransom to avoid disclosing other sensitive elements about the video game.

It’s a disaster for Rockstar Games. On September 18, an Internet user calling himself teapotuberhacker uploaded 90 videos from an old working version of GTA 6 and whose existence was confirmed at the beginning of the year. The case emerges as one of the biggest information leaks in the video game sector.

All the elements exposed so far by this “leaker” are authentic. Specialist journalist Jason Schreier was able to make sure from internal Rockstar Games sources. It is still too early to know to what extent this case will disrupt the development of video games and, ultimatelyits story, its gameplay and its release date.

The initial message of the Internet user promising a massive leak on GTA 6. // Source: Screenshot

Towards a ransom demand on the leak of GTA 6?

The impact on GTA 6 and Rockstar Games is all the more uncertain today that the crisis is not over. Teapotuberhacker indicated, in its initial message, that it was also in possession of a test version of GTA 6, the source code of the game and GTA 5, but also different assets on both games. Files that he is now ready to use as a ransom.

This is apparent from the update Teapotuberhacker made in their first forum post. GTA Forums. The discussion thread has now disappeared, but traces of it can be found in the old URL as well as in google cache or on the archived pages of the Internet Archive. The website VideoGamesChronicle could see the leaker’s negotiation wish.

Ok so this unexpectedly went viral, I woke up to 3,000 private messages on telegram. If you are an employee of Rockstar or Take-Two [la maison mère, NDLR] and you are trying to contact me send me a message containing 22559219889638875756 on Telegram or you can email me at [email protected] from your company email address. I’ll try to read all of those answers soon — I’m looking to broker a deal. »

It’s not clear what Teapotuberhacker wants, but we guess that the discussion with the studio, if it takes place, will sooner or later turn on an amount to be paid, probably via some crypto-currency to limit the chances of going back to to him. However, nothing says that Rockstar Games or Take Two Interactive enters into an exchange that could lead to it being a double loser: paying a ransom for nothing, because the leak would still occur.

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