Leandro Benegas slams the door on Colo Colo: “I’m enjoying being in Independiente to the fullest, I don’t want to leave”

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The national striker lives dream days in the Red and stated that he has no intention of leaving. However, he left a small window open in case the Albos make a good offer for the club.

Leandro Benegas slams the door on Colo Colo.
© IndependentLeandro Benegas slams the door on Colo Colo.

Colo Colo is running out of time to fasten his reinforcements in this transfer market with a view to the Copa Sudamericana and once again he returned to the fray for Leandro Benegas, who rejected a first proposal considering it insufficient.

Although days ago the national striker stated that to leave Independiente they had to make an offer “too good to be turned down”during this morning he slammed the door on the Cacique.

In a conversation with Radio La Red, el Toro was clear in pointing out that “obviously i’m stayingI have a contract until December. I am enjoying being in Indendiente to the fullest. Also clarify what I said the other day, I don’t feel like leaving”.

Regarding a new offer, the 33-year-old attacker assured that “it has to suit us allif a club wants to count on me, they have to know that the proposal is not only for me, but also for Independiente. To evaluate a proposal, the club must also be in agreement”.

To conclude, he indicated that “the other day I perhaps expressed myself a little badly in the sense that they had to make a formal offer, I meant that they have to know that to evaluate an offer the club must also agree. But it was taken a little differently.”

Leandro Benegas is going through a dream moment at Independiente de Avellaneda and adds nine touchdowns in 19 games played. Will Colo Colo be able to convince him?

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