Leandro Martini: the call after Maradona’s wake, his new coaching staff and his future in football

Almost three months after being fired from Gymnastics, and on a special date one year after the death of Diego Armando Maradona, Leandro Martini visited the EL DIA newspaper office, and in an intimate and relaxed facet, he confirmed the separation of the duo that made up Mariano Messera, and that he will bet as a coach with his new coaching staff, of which he also provided details.

The talk could not begin in any other way: Maradona. It is that of course, Martini -together with Messera- had the responsibility of catching a hot iron after the death of coach Tripero, and today 365 days after Diego’s physical disappearance, he revealed unknown details that occurred the night of the wake at Casa Rosada. “Today is a special day, he misses it very much. That November 25 was a sad day, I remember that the day they were watching him at Casa Rosada we went with my brother and my cousin -before going with the delegation-, we felt that staying at home we were missing something“, he counted.

After attending the wake, that night, his phone rang and he received the news that the First team should grab: “The phone rings, Mariano -Messera- calls me, he had spoken with Gabriel Pellegrino and we had to take charge of the team right away. Obviously he mobilized us a lot, a few days later an important game was played with Vélez, they were tremendous days” , detailed.

“We trained on a Friday morning, then on Saturday some standing ball before playing. In the technical talk, tears fell, it was difficult for us to speak, I will never forget it. We had to win for everything, for the club , for Gymnastics, and for Diego, That was the harangue, the game could not be escaped in any way, and so it was with Mariano and Nacho -Dahul-, and they are things that we will never forget “, said.


“We were lucky to share talks in training, one saw him so happy, so simple, and we knew he was so huge worldwide from where you look at him, but he showed simplicity, he was generous. He went back and forth in the talk.”

“In ’86 I was 12 years old and we all wanted to be Diego, after he is here is your club, the one you love, and having that blessing of sharing talks, is a treasure that you will take forever.”


“I know we had a good stage, there was a very good squad with important players that Diego and Méndez had formed, it was very rich and it paid off. I’m sad about the end, we expected to continue growing, with the squad that ended up being formed. , but I keep very good things “.

“Working in Gymnastics is everything, what it means for us, that’s important. There were good things, things that weren’t good either. The covid played a trick on us, and I also feel like it was a break. It was an unforgettable 10 months. “.


“I am waiting to direct again. I am not practicing as a dentist, because I want to continue, from a personal point of view I would have liked to continue in gymnastics, but this experience is still something positive, it was 10 months in a row, it is not little, it is a experience to be able to revalidate it, to see what happens “.


“We are going to work separately, each one with his coaching staff. We both want to continue, Mariano is a friend, we have talked about him, we knew he could do this, at some point there were talks, but later it was delayed and now each one will look for its horizon on each side. “

“It has already been established. Each one has their coaching staff. I worked great with Mariano, what’s more, we looked at each other and we already know what each one wants. It wasn’t just 10 months, it was more than four years, also in Reserve.”


“Now I am with Lucas Ochandorena, Martín Paolo Rosso and Hernán Helario, as goalkeeping coach. We know it is difficult, but we need an opportunity, it is not easy, so we will try to seduce them so that they give us a chance.”


“I think we had a good stage, there were very good games, and one of the best we had, and we lost, was against Banfield. We gave him a bit of the mark that the team wanted to give him. We managed to get the ball out of him, play ourselves too . I know that until the covid we really had a certain chance of qualifying for those quarterfinals. The 18 positive cases in the squad did not help us. The ideal would have been to reinforce that squad, it was already very good, but it was necessary. “

“Anger or issues should be left aside, they remain for one, obviously I do not like to lose in anything, but now the Club is well, in peace, and Gymnastics is over all people. The pain will remain for me, but I would not speak badly right now, “he culminated.

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