Learn 6 necessary steps to ensure correct use of sunscreen

Data released by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology show that more than 60% of Brazilians do not use sunscreens on a daily basis. The lack of habit can lead both to the occurrence of skin cancer and to aesthetic problems, such as melasma and stains.


In addition to using protector, it is also necessary to learn to pass it correctly. Coordinator of the Pharmacy course at Faculdade Unime, biomedical Amanda Catarina gives tips that guarantee the greatest effectiveness of the product.

Check out 6 important tips to ensure the effects of sunscreen:

  1. Apply sunscreen on the skin that is still dry, at least 15 minutes before sun exposure;
  2. Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours;
  3. Choose a sunscreen specific to your skin’s needs;
  4. Also use a lip balm and a sunscreen for the face;
  5. Separate a brush or sponge so you don’t apply the protector on the face directly with your hands;
  6. Apply the protector all over the body evenly, also covering the feet and ears.

Amanda Catarina explains that the use of the protector brings other benefits to the health of the skin, in addition to the prevention of diseases. “The habit of using sunscreen results in a more beautiful and well-treated skin. The protection mitigates the effects caused by acne, micropigmentation caused by some dermatological procedures and all this delays aging”, she points out.

She also details that, regardless of the climatic context, the use of sunscreen should be maintained. “We always reinforce that use is continuous, regardless of weather conditions, with an SPF above 30 for adequate protection. The use must be constant in any environment, indoors or outdoors”, he adds.

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