Leave a dead earthquake in Manzanillo

CDMX.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that a person died in Manzanillo, Colima, due to this afternoon’s earthquake with an epicenter in Michoacán.

Through Twitter, the President explained that said person died due to the fall of a fence in a shopping center.

“Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán, Secretary of the Navy, informed me that a person died due to the fall of a fence at a shopping center in Manzanillo, Colima,” he tweeted.

López Obrador also shared a video of the moment when he spoke on the cell phone with the Admiral, whom he instructed to continue collecting information on the tremor.

“And help, stay tuned, well, well, see you later, Admiral, bye-bye,” he orders the Secretary.

To provide information about the earthquake, López Obrador has uploaded different messages on social networks and videos of his telephone conversations.

‘No news’, reports Bedolla

The Governor of Michoacán, Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, reported to the President that there is no report of damage in different areas of the State due to this afternoon’s earthquake.

-Alfredo, as soon as I ask you, how is Coalcomán doing? López Obrador asks Ramírez Bedolla

“Well, nothing new,” says the Governor.

Apatzingán and that area?, the President questions him again.

“Apatzingán, Uruapan, Tepalcatepec, without news of any damage,” he answers.

“Well, you have to be aware and finish gathering all the information for help,” López Obrador instructs.

“Yes, we are giving instructions to Civil Protection and the state Civil Guard.”

Well, I send you a hug, a hug Alfredo, this later”.

“Likewise, we are in contact with anything, thank you President.”

The National Seismological reported that the intensity of the earthquake was 7.4, with an epicenter 63 kilometers south of Coalcomán, Michoacán.

In another call, but to the Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, the president also gives instructions to continue making the respective reviews.

“They are already carrying it out and fortunately, the report is good because there is no loss of human life (in CDMX), there must be only material damage and in the case of the city I do not think that many,” says López Obrador.

“I just spoke with Governor Alfredo Bedolla, from Michoacán, there was the epicenter and he tells me that there was also material damage, fortunately. We already have the update, it was 7.4.”

In the video of the talk, Sheinbaum can be heard telling the President that when he has more information, he will report it to him.

“It was quite strong, huh, but fortunately not with much damage. I send you a hug, bye-bye, bye-bye,” says the President.

“Likewise, President,” the brunette tells him.

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