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Andrés Salas, from Juarez, 8 years old, was selected in the program La Voz Kids during the blind auditions stage, after interpreting the song ‘Que no quede trace’ by the group Bronco.

The little boy’s voice captivated the five coaches, because one by one they were pressing buttons and turning their chairs, which is a sign of acceptance according to the format of the program.

Paty Cantú, Joss Favela, Mau and Ricky -who make up a single team- and María León praised the contestant and tried to win his sympathy to add him to their respective groups, however, Andrés decided on the latter.

Before going on stage, the boy introduced himself. He said his name, his age and the city he came from. He also commented that his father taught him to sing, that she sings with him at parties, at home, and that he was moved to learn that he had been selected for La Voz Kids.

“This contest is the best for me, I know I can win. My amulet is Diosito, I know that I have it here in my heart and thank you very much, “said Andrés.

Through his Facebook profile, the boy wrote on Saturday that he is proud to represent his beautiful land and thanked Mayor Cruz Pérez Cuellar for his support.

“I will be giving my best in the stages, may God allow me to continue in this program.”

Camila Díaz and Alondra Olmos also joined the team from Guadalajara, María León, adding with Andrés and the previous selected a total of 12 applicants, so there are still another nine to have the 21 participants that each group should have.

To keep track of the singer from Juarez, the public should tune in to La Voz Kids, which airs Monday and Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on Azteca Uno.

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