Leave a tip of 60 thousand pesos, but ask for it to be returned

Mexico City.- Which always seemed like a lot to him and he preferred to cancel the transfer. A young man left a tip of 60 thousand pesos in a restaurant, but he repented and asked for it to be returned, a situation that already caused discontent in the place and even he ended up sued.

The events occurred in a pizza restaurant called Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe, in Pennsylvania, United States, and this place is known for having appeared in the television series “The Office”. Here, Eric Smith went to eat a stromboli, for which he was charged 13 dollars and 25 cents (something like 262 Mexican pesos).

The diner caused a great surprise to the waitress who served him, Mariana Lambert, after he added a $3,000 tip to his bill. The news immediately went viral and even the waiters were on the news telling the story with a smile on their face, even saying that this payment was part of the “Tip for Jesus” challenge, a trend that was talked about in 2014 in which they “give away” thousands of dollars to employees for very low bills.

However, that smile would quickly be erased, after Eric Smith asked the bank for a refund of the money, something that did proceed and the local itself had to assume the position for the 60 thousand pesos that it had already given to the waitress.

“We’re out of money right now and Smith said sue him, so that’s what we’re going to end up doing, I guess,” Zachary Johnson, the restaurant’s manager, said. Likewise, it was learned that the diner no longer answered the calls, so the only thing left is to take legal action against the young man, while the waitress will not be asked for the money back.

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