Lechtenbrink’s widow Gül – “My husband wasn’t alone for a minute until the very end”

Hamburg – His death moved Hamburg!

At the age of 77, folk actor Volker Lechtenbrink fell asleep with his family after suffering from cancer for a long time. In BILD, Gül Ural-Aytekin-Lechtenbrink (55) remembers her beloved husband and the last days together!

The couple married on December 18, 2015 at the Stavenhagenhaus registry office in Hamburg. It was Volker’s 5th marriage. The actor and the naturopath got to know each other in 2010 at a premiere party in the Ernst-Deutsch-Theater.

The grieving widow to BILD: “My husband was a great and unique person, his audience loved him. I was with him until the end and accompanied him. He was always there for everyone, so I’m happy that I was there for him until the end. “

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The actor has three grown children (two daughters, one adopted son) from previous relationships.

Gül: “He always encouraged others with his style right up to the end. He never whined, was humorous until the end. Everything he did was always 100 percent. At the end he was in Hamburg in the hospice for three weeks. I was always with him and accompanied him to the end with the older daughter Saskia. My husband wasn’t alone for a minute. “

How does it go from here?

The widow: “He has planned his funeral and we will grant all of his wishes. He is buried in his hometown of Hamburg. That was his wish. “

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