Leclerc sacrifices the price of the Samsung QLED 120 Hz 4K TV!

Good plan news Leclerc sacrifices the price of the Samsung QLED 120 Hz 4K TV!

Published on 11/26/2021 8:20 AM

Black Friday hits extremely hard at Leclerc. On this day of Black Friday, and today only, the big French brand is exploding the prices of many televisions. Among them is the Samsung QE55Q80T. Smart TV 4K QLED and 120 Hz with HDMI 2.1. Enough to fully enjoy your favorite movies and series but also the next gen consoles such as the Xbox Series X and the PS5!

The Samsung QE55Q80T 4K QLED TV drops at a crazy price for Black Friday!

With its almost edge-to-edge 55-inch QLED display, or 139 cm diagonally, the Samsung QE55Q80T is a top-of-the-range model. And this can be seen in the price at which this 4K TV is usually sold: around € 1,100.

This is where Black Friday works wonders. On this Friday, November 26, probably the strongest day of promotions of the year, Leclerc has a crazy offer. A large selection of TVs lose 30% of their price. At least, 30% of the price of these TVs will be returned to you in Leclerc tickets (the brand selling absolutely everything, no doubt that you will be able to spend them wisely).

To take advantage of this offer, you just need a customer account. This account is 100% free. Once you have it, Leclerc will pay you 30% of the price of this beautiful model, or 329 €.

Update 11/26/2021 at 8:23 : Out of stock on the Samsung Q80T.

Buy the Samsung QE5580T for € 770 at Leclerc

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With the 30% off, we therefore end up with a 55-inch Samsung 4K TV at € 770. It’s strong. But it is even stronger when all the characteristics of the machine are taken into account.

In terms of the scanning frequency, we are on a 120 Hz panel. Clearly, this means that the image is extremely fluid. It will be possible to play in 4K, 120 FPS. Of course, HDMI 2.1 is provided for this purpose. The TV also has a game mode which boosts its performance for gaming.

When it comes to colors and brightness, you can count on Samsung’s QLED technology, which has come against OLED technology (mainly used by the other Korean giant: LG). QLED is brighter than OLED and is a safer technology in the long run. It offers colors and a much higher level of contrast than conventional LED panels, but, on this point, it is the OLED which is above. Another advantage of QLED: the technology is cheaper to produce, and therefore cheaper to purchase.

Very good on audio, images and gaming, this screen has it all. Thanks to Leclerc, he is even entitled to a particularly aggressive price.

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