Left 4 Dead almost did without zombies

Game News Left 4 Dead almost did without zombies

If you are asked what the game Left 4 Dead immediately evokes to you, most of you will probably think of zombies. And yet, this concept which brings all the horror aspect to this FPS was almost not adopted.

Too corny zombies

For those unfamiliar with Left 4 Dead, it’s a cooperative horror FPS, released in 2008, in which four characters must survive in a world infested with hordes of zombies. Zombies who could not have been part of it if we believe the words of Gabe Newell on this subject. At the time, the president and co-founder of Valve openly criticized this choice, thinking that the concept was too old-fashioned.
According to VG247, it was a former Valve editor, Chet Faliszek, who confided these remarks during an interview about his experience at Valve, on the You Tube channel of Kiwi Talkz.

While the game is in development, Chet Faliszek went to dinner with Gabe Newell. The latter justifies his opinion based on classic American horror films and in which the plot revolves mainly around hordes of zombies.

If you watch zombie movies, “Night of the Living Dead” is about racism… “Army of the Dead” is about consumerism.

The good idea?

What is the game about, to this question, Chet Faliszek answers:

Well, you know, it’s about working together. It’s about the game itself, it’s a reflection of the game. You know, in a zombie apocalypse, what are you going to do?

Left 4 Dead almost did without zombies

But Gabe Newell sticks to his ideas and remains convinced that zombies ” are just really corny “. Chet Faliszek agrees, back in the day, long before The Walking Dead changed the game, zombies weren’t very popular on screen.

Then, as a compromise, it was agreed to ensure that the characters were aware of their environment and to incorporate expressions referring to the films in the dialogues, for example.

Why don’t we just take the characters and the world, and make some of the characters in the world aware that they’re basically in a zombie movie.

Zoey and Lewis take it as ‘Oh my God, that’s the stuff of the movies’, but they play it seriously

Given the success of Left 4 Dead then the second opus of the same name in stride, the choice to stick to zombies has therefore largely paid off.

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