Left: Party members shoot Wagenknecht – no more speeches in the Bundestag?

Sahra Wagenknecht (left) has repeatedly called for an end to the sanctions against Russia. In doing so, she encounters opposition in her own group.Image: IMAGO / Political Moments

Navid Moshgbar

Sahra Wagenknecht recently caused displeasure with her statements on the Ukraine war and the energy crisis. Criticism of her positions also arose within her own party. Most recently in the Bundestag, she repeated the views of the Russian President Wladimir Putin.

Accordingly, the western states are responsible for the economic war. In the Bundestag, Sahra Wagenknecht said that the energy crisis would be resolved if Western sanctions against Russia were lifted.

The Russian supply freeze has worsened the energy crisis.

The Russian supply freeze has worsened the energy crisis.Image: IMAGO / Olaf Döring

The speech was criticized by other parties. Not only to Wagenknecht personally – the left faction was also criticized for the fact that Sahra Wagenknecht was chosen as a speaker for the left.

Now there is resistance within their own faction.

Wagenknecht should no longer appear in the Bundestag

According to “Taz”, several MPs from the left-wing faction have submitted a motion to prevent Wagenknecht from appearing in the Bundestag again. The “Taz” quotes an application by the MPs: “For the external perception of our parliamentary group and party, the speeches in the plenary session of the Bundestag are of particular importance.”

The parliamentary group executive should ensure that the left-wing parliamentary group’s speaking time is used to present “the jointly decided positions”. The application could be dealt with at the parliamentary group meeting on Tuesday.

MP Bernd Riexinger is said to be among the signatories of the application.

MP Bernd Riexinger is said to be among the signatories of the application.Image: IMAGO / Future Image

According to the “Taz” report, eight members of the parliamentary group are behind the application: Gökay Akbulut, Anke Domscheit-Berg, Ates Gürpinar, Caren Lay, Cornelia Möhring, Martina Renner, Bernd Riexinger and Kathrin Vogler.

They disagree with Wagenknecht’s demands to end sanctions against Russia. In doing so, these eight MPs agree with the party leadership, which reiterated its support for certain sanctions.

(With material from dpa)

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