Legalization: Cannabis legalization: This is what the sale could look like

From 2023 smoking weed should be legal. After the cannabis legalization was decided, there is a discussion about how the sale could work.

  • The traffic light coalition wants to legalize the sale of cannabis in Germany
  • According to the plan, the project is to be implemented from 2023
  • But how could the drug then be distributed? And how expensive will it be?

It was an unusual choice of words for a politician: Last Friday (May 6) Christian Lindner asked on Twitter “When Bubatz will be legal?”. Many people would always want to know that from him. In the stoner scene Bubatz is a slang expression for a joint, i.e. a cigarette containing cannabis. In the same tweet, the Federal Finance Minister of the FDP immediately tried to answer: “Soon,” he wrote.

Cannabis and the federal government: there was something. In December, the newly constituted traffic light coalition committed itself to legalizing the herb. For many young voters, this was – and still is – an important issue in the election campaign. In Berlin, around 200 supporters of cannabis consumption took to the streets on Saturday for the speedy release of marijuana. Under the motto “No more waiting: Grass in the garden!” They demanded that the federal government move faster implementation the legalization agreed in the coalition agreement. Also read: Cannabis consumption – These are the consequences of smoking weed

After the project had recently been quiet, a few days ago there was movement again in the planned controlled release. And that wasn’t just because of Lindner’s tweet. SPD Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach recently announced a corresponding bill to be submitted in the fall. But until the joint can really be smoked without police consequences, . “Realistically, it is possible to implement the law by spring 2023,” Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) told the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung. “We’re trying to do that even sooner.”

Until then, the government still has a lot to clarify, because many Questions are still open.

Cannabis legalization: pharmacies could sell the substance

The coalition agreement speaks of “controlled delivery” to adults. So marijuana can only be sold to people 18 years sold. In addition, the section suggests that the amount that can be sold or bought will also be limited. The maximum number of grams of grass consumers can purchase is still in the stars.

It is also unclear at which locations cannabis will be offered after legalization. The coalition agreement states that the sale should take place in “licensed shops”. So far, the main focus has been on pharmacies. In theory, they offer good conditions for sales, especially since the pharmacists already have specialist staff. The Association of Lotto-Toto-Lädden was also discussed as a possible point of sale. A sale of cannabis in so-called “coffee shops”, as is the case in the Netherlands, is rather unlikely. Also interesting: Amsterdam – Mayor wants to stop pot tourism

Legal marijuana: What should the cannabis gram cost?

The traffic light parties also want to enable and expand “models for drug checking”. The plan includes that grass that is on the black market was purchased can be checked for purity at contact points. This is intended to reduce the health risks caused by goods containing additives.

According to experts, the decisive factor in the approval of marijuana is also the Price. If the federal government wants to significantly weaken illegal trade, the price per gram should be close to the black market limit. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be lower either. That would only spur the use of cannabis, even if it is then legal, only spur, experts argue. After all, that’s not the goal of legalization. (lgr)

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