“Legionella” detected in changing rooms of the school pavilion in Portalegre

The bacteria was detected in the water of showers in a spa in the sports hall of the Escola Secundária Mouzinho da Silveira, in Portalegre, but “there is no case of the disease”, revealed the director of the school.

Speaking to Lusa news agency, the director of this school, António Luís Sequeira, indicated that he was informed, on Tuesday, about “the positive test” for the bacteria presence “legionella”, “only in the women’s spa”, following periodic analyses.

“The two spas are now closed, as a matter of precaution, and yesterday [terça-feira] the plan for the prevention and containment of the ‘legionella’ bacteria by Parque Escolar, which is responsible for the installations, began to be implemented”, he said.

According to António Luís Sequeira, the boiler water temperature was raised to 90 degrees, the shower nozzles in both spas were removed and placed in bleach for disinfection and the water was running to clean the boiler.

“A company hired by Parque Escolar to carry out new analyses” to the water in the showers in the changing rooms has already been at the school, so “we await the results to see if we open the changing rooms”, he added.

The school director said that the Regional Health Delegate of Alentejo is “evaluating the possibility” of reopening the changing room area of ​​the changing rooms for students “if they can equip themselves to practice sports in physical education classes”.

“Propagation is only done through droplets and not through air”, he pointed out.

Until today, he stressed, “there is no case of the disease” caused by the bacteria, not least because “the results of the sample for analysis” considered that there was a “moderate risk” of contagion.

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