Legislative: Elisabeth Borne urges the president to act without delay

BFM TV INFO – The Prime Minister and several figures of the majority have urged Emmanuel Macron to take the initiative as the presidential coalition emerges from the legislative elections without an absolute majority.

A failure at the Bourbon Palace, and all eyes are on the Élysée. While the presidential coalition Together emerges from the legislative elections with a relative majority, and is therefore unable to govern fully, those close to Emmanuel Macron are wondering about the posture of the president.

The Head of State spoke this Monday noon with his Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne. A traditional Monday lunch between the two heads of the executive, but with a very pronounced “legislative” prism since it continued in the presence of Édouard Philippe for Horizons and François Bayrou of the Modem.

A tonic discussion between the President and his Prime Minister

The meeting was the occasion for a fairly lively and in-depth discussion, in particular between the president and the Prime Minister, according to several concordant sources. Élisabeth Borne told the President of her concern about the lack of an absolute majority, the danger for the presidential majority, but also the need to find new allies urgently so as not to risk being blocked at every bill, and even, from the vote of confidence in the government.

The Matignon tenant also relayed to him the fact that the Republicans, contrary to a tenacious Macronist hope, could well be reluctant to provide their support, even on a case-by-case basis.

Emmanuel Macron less alarmed than Élisabeth Borne… who she would have insisted and ended up rallying the president to his cause, on the urgency of trying to limit the damage and to tackle what constitutes, obviously, a new deal at high risk for the action of this new five-year term. And she is not alone since headliners of the majority like Édouard Philippe, François Bayrou but also Gérald Darmanin, urge the president to “move”.

“Is it denial, or what?”

It is also time to take stock of this election. Historical relatives of the president are beginning to criticize his entry into the campaign too late in the legislative issue.

“He did not seem in a hurry to speak on the ballot before leaving for Ukraine, result, it ends on a tarmac”, confides a macronist to BFMTV.

“We would have had a president who engages in the battle of the legislative elections, we might not have had this result”, laments another member of the majority. Others criticize the “terrifyingly long” soap opera of the government’s choice for this start of the second five-year term and which put “everyone on hold” before finally going on the campaign trail.

The question now is to know what Emmanuel Macron intends to do with regard to the future National Assembly and the future government. Pressed to act, the president will receive party leaders on Tuesday and Wednesday. “It’s the minimum, now that we’ve lost the absolute majority! The others have been talking for a while!”, grinds a macronist. Several relatives question a form of “nonchalance” by Emmanuel Macron, who would not have seemed more alarmed than that when he saw the results of the second round.

“Is this denial, or what? Does he realize it’s going to be hell for 5 years?” chokes a member of the majority.

An upcoming diplomatic agenda for the president

Other relatives, not to mention “denial”, are surprised to know how the president is going to manage the agenda for the next few days: “He has to leave for more than a week for a diplomatic tour, what will happen pass during that time? He leaves leaving a resigning government?

Another is alarmed by the deadlines awaiting the Assembly, once the president has left on tour: “the presidency of the National Assembly will take place without him (Editor’s note, Tuesday, June 28, while Emmanuel Macron will be at the top of NATO in Madrid), when he is the guarantor of the institutions and when this House promises to be explosive for us?

“The future of the country and of the majority is more important than the NATO summit,” said another.

Anne Saurat-Dubois with Hugues Garnier

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