Legislative in France: Eric Zemmour candidate in the Var

The former far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour is running for the legislative elections in the fourth constituency of the Var, that of Saint-Tropez.

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Lhe far-right candidate, who finished fourth in the presidential election with 7% of the vote, has finally made up his mind. Eric Zemmour will be a candidate in the legislative elections in the Var. “He owns a house in the department and he is very attached to his Mediterranean roots,” argues those around him. The choice of the 4th district of the Var, which notably includes the posh seaside resort of Saint-Tropez, is in reality much more tactical than emotional. This is where Eric Zemmour had one of his best presidential scores (14.7% in the “circo” and even 22% in Saint-Tropez). In total, with Marine Le Pen at 32%, the far right was therefore close to 50%.

From this Thursday evening, the former polemicist was to begin his campaign with a public meeting in Cogolin. In recent days, he had been hesitant about the idea of ​​​​running for the legislative elections of June 12 and 19, leaving doubts hanging over a candidacy in the beautiful districts of Paris. Even if his party “Reconquest! has invested some 550 candidates, very few headliners are entering the battle for the legislative elections. Marion Maréchal, the “trophy” he had managed to snatch from the Le Pen clan, notably let it be known that she was renouncing to run for a new term after being the youngest deputy in the Assembly in 2012.

For lack of alliances, the party of Eric Zemmour has very little chance of winning elected officials. From the evening of April 24, after the presidential election, he had called for an alliance with the National Rally. But his “scud” in the direction of the finalist of the ballot (“This is the eighth defeat for the name Le Pen”) was not at all appreciated. “A marriage proposal with finesse,” quipped Jordan Bardella, acting president of the RN. “If he shows up, he goes to the box,” he predicted earlier this week about the former polemicist who had made “great replacement” his obsessive campaign theme during the presidential election.

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