Legislative in France: Taha Bouhafs, victim of racism, withdraws

In a statement shared on his Twitter account, Taha Bouhafs, the 25-year-old Franco-Algerian journalist, said he was the victim of an “unprecedented storm of attacks”. A situation to which he did not have, according to him, “permission to respond, if only to defend my dignity”. This explains why he gave up his candidacy for the legislative elections under the banner of the Nupes.

The candidate, supposed to wear the colors of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union in the 14th district of the Rhône, announced that he was the target of “a new slander, a new insult, a new death threat, a new accusation ” per day.

“I hope this statement will not make you give up. Keep fighting. For my part, I tried, but I can’t do it anymore, ”concludes the press release, without being clearer on his intention to continue to be a candidate or not.

Taha Bouhafs faced with relentlessness to “review his candidacy”

The deputy of La France insoumise, Alexis Corbière, indeed confirmed his withdrawal during his appearance on the set of the program “4 Vérités” of France 2, Tuesday May 10, 2022: “I believe that it is necessary to interpret like that. This is what he has just announced in the middle of the night (…) Taha Bouhafs was the example of these young people from sometimes disadvantaged social backgrounds, who are committed and who sometimes even in their commitment are not always perfect,” he said.

The previous day, May 9, 2022, on this same set, the communist Fabien Roussel had asked for the young journalist’s candidacy to be withdrawn. “I do not understand how La France insoumise can invest a candidate convicted of racial insult. […] We ask La France Insoumise to review this candidacy, ”said the communist leader on France 2, referring to the condemnation of Taha Bouhafs to a public insult because of his origin, following remarks targeting police unionist Linda Kebbab.

For his part, Manuel Bompard, the campaign manager of the Nupes in the legislative elections, had replied to Fabien Roussel on the fact that it was not his responsibility to “choose the candidates of La France insoumise” while specifying that no candidacy was was confirmed. “We have not definitively defined the candidacies, it is not published. This constituency, like the others, will be invested in the coming days,” explained the president.

“I discovered like you his press release. I take note of his decision and I respect it. He considers that he is not in a position to present himself” maintained Adrien Quatennens on the airwaves of Sud Radio. The rebellious deputy, coordinator of La France insoumise, also spoke of “acknowledgment of failure” and assured that no one had made a request for withdrawal from LFI.

On his Twitter account, the former presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon confirmed the withdrawal of the young journalist from these legislations “A pack is relentless against him. At 25, it’s hard to live with daily death threats and public accusations. I blame myself for not having been able to comfort him as much as necessary.

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