Legislators will issue a pronouncement for the Day of the Salvadoran Abroad

The Legislative Assembly approved, with 76 votes, issuing a pronouncement in the framework of the commemoration of the National Day of Salvadorans Abroad, which will be celebrated on November 26.

This recognition adds to the efforts promoted by the new legislature to vindicate the rights of compatriots living abroad and who, despite the distance, continue to contribute to the economic and social development of the country.

Deputy Ana Figueroa, president of the Foreign Relations Commission, stressed that this Legislative Assembly has initiated a series of transformations for the benefit of compatriots.

The most recent initiative approved by legislators was the Special Law for the Exercise of Suffrage Abroad, which seeks to guarantee the participation of Salvadorans abroad in presidential and legislative elections.

Β«Our brothers abroad currently enjoy a dignified treatment that they always had to be given. In the past, they have been denied their right to vote, but now they will have the opportunity to exercise it.”said the legislator of the cyan bench.

In addition, last February, the Legislative Branch approved a series of reforms to the Special Law for the Issuance of the Unique Identity Document Abroad, so that compatriots could receive said identification at their homes, through the postal service of each country. .

β€œWe are working and representing the interests of the diaspora, through different initiatives. We are lowering the migratory flow giving Salvadorans more and better opportunities to stay”, said parliamentarian RaΓΊl Chamagua.


The pronouncement approved by the legislators will be disseminated in the country’s media and in the institutional channels of the Legislative Assembly.

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