Lego brings back retro spaceship Galaxy Explorer

Lego is bringing back a classic building set for its 90th anniversary: ​​Behind the new Lego explorer spaceship (10497) is the Galaxy Explorer (497), which was launched in 1979. The new edition still looks quite similar to the original, but has a few additional features and is larger.

That Discovery spaceship consists of 1246 parts and, according to Lego, is aimed at adults. Paint and delta wings were taken from the original, the three landing legs of the spaceship are foldable. In addition to the ship, the set also includes four astronauts, a small rover and a mini robot.

The Galaxy Explorer costs 100 euros.

The rover can be stored in a hold inside the spacecraft. The crew also finds space inside, where there are four seats and a lounge area with two beds, computers and storage compartments. Overall, the model measures 13 cm in height, 52 cm in length and 32 cm in width. It costs 100 euros and will be available from August 1st.

In addition to the retro spaceship, Lego also has new models from “Star Wars” on offer. That includes that Spaceship “Justifier”Flying bounty hunter Cad Bane. It consists of around 1000 parts and, according to Lego, is suitable for children and adults aged 9 and over. The set includes four Lego figures: Cad Bane himself, Omega, Fennec Shand and Hunter. The set costs 170 euros.

From 140 euros you get the new one AT-TE Walker, who made the Geonosis battlefields unsafe in Episode 2. In addition to the walking armored vehicle, the set also includes some droids and clone warriors. The AT-TE Walker will also be available starting August 1st.

The “Castle of the Lion Knights” is available from August 8th for 400 euros.

For retro fans who don’t feel like sci-fi, Lego has also introduced a new medieval castle. The “Castle of the Lion Knights” is also based on earlier castle models, but has been significantly expanded and beautified. The construction set costs 400 euros and is available from August 8th.


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