Lego Star Wars: it’s summer! (Disney+): a perfect short film for this summer!

The Star Wars franchise is back on Disney+ with a summer-themed LEGO short. All the reasons to watch this little holiday-like pleasure.

Vacation time has come for the Empire and the Resistance! After the shorts Happy Holidays and terrifying stories, franchise LEGO Star Wars returns to celebrate a new time of year on Disney+. And summer is in the spotlight: Jabba sways on the dance floor, Darth Vader and Palpatine splash cream on their backs by the water’s edge… In this funny and refreshing short film, we rediscover with fun our favorite characters ready to let loose for the holidays!

A funny fiction, perfect for a family summer

That the uninitiated of Star Wars reassure themselves, it is not necessary to have watched all the productions of the streaming platform to savor the 45-minute short film that is LEGO Star Wars: it’s summer!. With Finn and Poe in the lead, all the characters in Intergalactic War show a ceasefire to go on vacation! The Resistance is welcomed on a beautiful interplanetary cruise where everyone can go about their business and even make encounters that only the Force allows. Indeed, even Obi-Wan Kenobi is in on the action and he takes us to Jabba the Hutt’s goofy birthday party. For their part, Darth Vader and Palpatine are not left out: they have opted for a sea and sun vacation! But unable to help but see their dark side of the Force coming back, they will wreak havoc with festival-goers who have come to have a good time at the beach. Something to make the whole family laugh over these mischievous gags!

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Renowned voices for mythical characters!

While Finn leads the dance of the festivities, it is the famous actor Omar Benson Miller who lends him his voice. Known for his role as investigator Walter Simmons in CSI: Miami and Charles Greene in Ballers, he has been lending his voice to the character of the Georges Lucas franchise since 2020 already. Among the most recognizable voices, Yvette Nicole Brown, who rose to prominence in the series Communityassociates his with the character of Colvett Valeria, Ben’s sidekick!

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