Lele Pons responds to Luisito Comunica for calling her "latin occasion"

Lele Pons He broke the silence and forcefully sent a message to Lusito Communicates after he assured that she is only Latina “when it suits her”.

The popular influencer And the singer attended the divaza radio program as a guest, where, among other things, she clarified the alleged rivalry that YouTube also linked her to him on networks. beep shut up

Being Latina when it suits her was for Lele Pons a direct attack from the Mexican, because he considers it demeaning that a man expresses himself in this way about a woman who has not done him any harm, more details below in The Truth News.

Lele Pons defends himself from attacks

The interpreter of “Piketona” attended the radio divaza program as a special guest, where in addition to talking about her successful music career, she detailed the alleged rivalry that was created in networks with Luisito.

The also influencer indicated that at no time has she felt more than someone or that she has rejected any photo or interview in Spanish.

“No, that never happened, that’s not true. People who know me know that when I meet someone new I’m willing to say hello and do tik tok.”

Even specific that the misunderstanding between the two has already been clarified, since Luisito I send you private messages apologizing if your statements were malicious.

What did Luisito Comunica say?

What did Luisito Comunica say?

What did Luisito Comunica say?

Weeks ago the famous communicologist indicated that Lele Pons is only Latina when it suits her “”At that time Lele Pons had not put on the I’m Latina shirt, she was still coming and she showed herself as: I totally speak English, I’m American. So I say… this is Lele Pons, I’m going to greet her, since I thought I had heard somewhere that she was Venezuelan and she must speak Spanish. I arrive waving and she tells me Sorry I don’t speak Spanish and is still on her phone “.

immediately to social networks and mainly the followers of Luisito communicates They supported the words of the poblano, because they consider that lLele Pons is just a person who seeks to take advantage of the Boom that Latino music is currently having.

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