Lena Philipson’s severe grief – near the death of her friend

The close friend and songwriter has passed away.

Songwriter and music producer Torgny Söderberg has passed away aged 77, Krall Entertainment announces.

On Instagram, the production company writes:

“Our beloved creator. Father and mentor to Diggiloo and beloved colleague. You helped start it all. You are Diggiloo. The loss is enormous now that you have left us. Your entire Diggiloo family and all of us at Krall are sad. Bottomless sadness. Always loved. Never Forgotten. Thank you for all the memories and all the joy, Torgny. Thank you for everything. You remain in our hearts forever.”

Lena Philipsson’s emotional words about Torgny Söderberg

Torgny Söderberg has worked with many Swedish celebrities. Including Lena Philipsson, 56.

Lena and Torgny have worked together on several songs, now she mourns the passing of the songwriter and close friend.

On Instagram, she shares the heavy grief in an emotional post.

“Torgny Torgny Torgny Where do I start? Where can I even start? Thank you for everything! I’ll start with that. Thank you Torgny! For everything! You were like a father to me.”, the artist begins the post.

She continues to write about their time together, expressing both joy, appreciation and sadness in the emotional text.

“And when I was about to move to a new apartment, you came to my house and screwed down the curtain rods. You made sure that the bank and company were in order. You stood as a protective wall in front of me if needed.”, continues the post.

Rest in peace!

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Photo: TT, Instagram/lenaphilipsson, Instagram/krall_entertainment

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