Lens: stay or leave, Fofana’s dilemma

Author of a superb season, Seko Fofana could have many suitors during the next summer transfer window. Stay or go, the Lens midfielder still doesn’t know what to do.

Lens: stay or leave, Fofana's dilemma

Will Fofana stay in Lens?

In just two seasons, Seko Fofana (27) has become one of the most outstanding players in the recent history of RC Lens. Technical and charismatic leader, the Ivorian midfielder is the great architect of the excellent return of the arts club to the front of the stage.

Fofana’s recognition

Very high level performances which could allow him to join a more upscale formation. Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique de Marseille, Olympique Lyonnais and some Premier League curies have also taken information about him. But between his desire to take a new step and stay in a family setting that suits him perfectly, the elephant still does not know which foot to dance on.

It’s very difficult (to imagine a departure, editor’s note). For a, really hurt. What we are experiencing is very special. This harmony between us and our supporters too. I hadn’t experienced it yet. If I’m going to leave, I don’t know if I’ll find this vibe again underlined the former player of Udinese in a press conference. Here, I was well received. I was put in comfort. I feel very well. I have no problem continuing the Lens adventure.

Fofana wants to enjoy

Aware of living a great adventure, Fofana does not want to clutter his mind. A lot can happen in football. Honestly, I don’t ask too many questions. Yannick (Cahuzac) ends his career. I also knew him, when I was younger, when we were in Bastia. I am grateful to him. I thank him for everything he was able to bring me. There will be a lot of emotions this summer. Let’s enjoy and end well , finished the Lensois. With a qualification for Europe from RCL, 7th, the choice could be easier for Fofana. This will require beating Troyes and Monaco, but also counting on missteps from Strasbourg and Rennes.

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