Leo Caprile on Falcón: “If I were a dog I would wag my tail”

Leo Caprile He is a leading radio and television communicator. His first appearances on screen were in the historic Goles Show where he curiously represented Universidad Católica, however, he is a fan of Colo Colo and his life has been linked to the popular cast.

He currently lives in Curacaví and from the bar he has in his home he produces, makes radio programs, enjoys cooking and manages his businesses. In the midst of the labor maelstrom, the pennant of the club of his loves is always present, it is his cabal for the games and day by day I live the news of the Cacique.

In conversation with Dale Albo, Caprile, delivered his colocolinas confessions. He spoke from the batting, with sincerity, like a neighborhood fan. He confessed his admiration for Marcelo Barticciotto, was happy for the moment of the youthful albos and gave a particular metaphor to define Maximiliano Falcón.

“Marcelo Barticciotto is a little angel fallen from heaven, a great person. When choosing an idol, it would be easy to say Maradona, the footballer who always left me with my mouth open and who wanted me to continue playing is colocolino and is Marcelo Barticciotto. He was elegant, fine like the princess’s horse, the young man in the movie. He scored a great goal against the mouth, when he scored a goal for us, he didn’t celebrate it, he cried. He was professional, but above all things he was colocolino. There must be an institutional space for him ”, confessed the Leo.

To later refer to a historical idol. “Carlos Caszely is the most sympathetic chato and the best pepero I have ever met”, added.

When talking about the current squad, he began with the technical director for whom he had few words, but was quite emphatic. “Gustavo Quinteros is a teacher”.

To continue with Gabriel Suazo, pointing out that “he is an example because he came from a little boy, for him it has not been easy. Players have moments. Being a captain at his age, so young, and having done all the lower divisions in Colo Colo is a responsibility. He can be wrong, but the important thing is that he has been able to correct himself ”.

Undoubtedly, what most attracted attention was the confession he made about Peluca Falcón. “If I were a dog I would wag my tail. To then indicate that “I would love to eat a Uruguayan barbecue with that chascón. I find him brave, very Uruguayan. I adore Uruguayans, I have great affection for them because they are very civilized people, but they are savage in football and that savagery I love that it is on our fields “.

Leo Caprile admires Maximiliano Falcón.

At the end, he referred to the gifts he has in the current campus. “I have a lot of affection for Luciano Arriagada because his name is like my son, he gave me some unexpected joys. On Saturday I took a huge love for Joan Cruz because I knew that he was going to make a great goal one day and from that minute on he was heading to the greatest football. I love young people, they are the future. I have affection for the Under-20s of Colo Colo, anyway “, Hill.

Joan Cruz begins to add followers.

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