Leo Gil highlights fundamental the change of chip in Colo Colo

Colo Colo will prepare for a crucial duel in this part of the year in Chilean soccer. The white box will be measured against Everton de Viña del Mar in the Fiscal Stadium of Talca, a neutral field for the two institutions that will seek the trophy of the Chile Cup in this version of 2021.

Leonardo Gil He attended the press conference prior to the game on Friday, where he greatly highlighted the work of the young people within the squad and the talent they have shown in each of the moments that they have had to jump onto the field.

“They prepare very well, they are very professional and the older ones try to help the younger ones and we saw enormous progress. At the moment there are players who do not play and others enter and do the same or in a better way and it is important to have a long squad for this part of the tournament “, the white midfielder began arguing.

But there was not everything, since he continued arguing about it, about the objectives of the club. “From the first day I arrived I knew and know what the demands of this club are, for the players who have gone through and I came for important things and to achieve goals”.

Another clear point that the footballer highlighted was the change of chip that the team showed, considering that a couple of months ago they were fighting the promotion to avoid relegation in Chilean football.

“The change of chip was key to reverse the mentality, we are a very good human group and that helped us to be in the final one step away from achieving the goal, that we are in the tournament fighting at the top and this is long and we must continue until the end like this “, expressed the ‘Colorado’ Gil.

Finally, the midfielder praised the nominations of Ivan Morales and Gabriel Costa to their respective teams. “Iván and Gabi are two great players, for something they are in the National Team and they are fundamental to our scheme and our team, but the ones that make you win titles and championships are the teams and we have all prepared ourselves 100 so that the coach has to choose players and do not have only eleven and those who enter will do well or better than we are “.

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