Leo Gil is measured when talking about the Superclásico

Quiet week for Colo Colo, however on the horizon is the University of Chile. The Superclásico of Chilean football will be played on September 26 at 4:30 p.m. at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium.

That is why the Cacique is preparing for this meeting and one of the best of the team spoke about it. This is Leonardo Gil, who was measured when talking about the classic.

“It will be a very difficult game, they have great players, when we played here in our house we had a round trip, a locked game, like all classic games. I think we have to take the precautions we have to take, but always with the confidence that we can make a great game “, expressed to the social networks of Colo Colo.

He also spoke of the moment the team is living. “I think well, we started from lowest to highest. If it is a stage of the tournament where I think there is still a long way to go, but I think the team has been doing things well and I think we have been working very well, we have strengthened ourselves a lot as a team and that is very important. So every time we are strengthening more and knowing more “, detailed.

Gil’s goal in the Superclásico

To end the Colo Gil he referred to the complications that they may have in the future. “There is a long way to go, it will become increasingly difficult, as is being done because the rivals already know us more, but we have to continue to trust the team as we have been doing”, he sentenced.

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