Leo Gil rejected offers from rivals for his love for Colo Colo

One of the great hires of Colo Colo for this season it was Leonardo Gil. The midfielder came to give hierarchy to the Cacique’s midfield and became an undisputed starter for the coach Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image.

Since his debut, the player demonstrated the importance he has in the team and revealed that he rejected offers from the classic rivals and opted for the Cacique because of the love that his mother has for the club, since he is a fan of the Eternal Champion.

“Since I was a child I knew what Colo Colo is, the side of my mother are fans of Colo Colo and that was what prompted me to come to the club. I had proposals from the Catholic University, the University of Chile, but affection for one marks you as a boy and it was the right decision “, Gil confessed to channel 13.

“The family always let me know that Colo Colo is the most popular. I fulfilled a dream on the side of my mother, my uncles and it is a beautiful responsibility because there are many people behind it, “he added.

When remembering when it was his first approach with the colors of the Eternal Champion, he said that “When I went to Punta Arenas and since I have memory of the 5 to 10 years, I always went there”.

He wants to be in the Chilean team

Another issue addressed in the interview by “Colorado” were the options he has to be in the Chilean team and he was very sincere with his thoughts.

I think the ones in my position are monsters, They are at another level like Arturo Vidal, Charles Aránguiz, Erick Pulgar and I work and I do my best to be an alternative, but I know that I have those monsters in front of me who play in Europe, the Champions League and obviously I would like to be there“, he expressed.

“Every player would like to be, Each player who goes to the National Team has the same goal, which is to take Chile to the World Cup and everyone gives everything to achieve that goal, “he added.

For now, Gil is concentrating on what will be the Superclásico this Sunday and is excited to be considered by coach Martín Lasarte for the triple date that the Chilean team will have in October.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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