Leo Gil tells the key to his beautiful free kicks

Leonardo Gil does not have an ugly goal in Colo Colo and, if we talk about his free kicks, they are even better. Colorado has delighted all national football with his technique and precision, who already have him as a killer of free throws.

Just today the colocolino midfielder spoke with TST from TNT Sports and was asked if he has any special training for such beautiful shots from outside the area. The answer was clear.

“We have to thank the goalkeepers, sometimes practice ends and I tell them that if they stay with me, they always help me. So every time I make a goal from a free kick, I always thank them because they help me during the week, not all of them. every day, but twice a week about 20 shots from different places, because today in football matches are very close and it is a good weapon. When you practice and practice things work out, the team also helps and it is easier “, he expressed.

El Colorado also had time to talk about the keys to this Colo Colo. “I think the key is the coach, who gives the players a clear idea. After the commitment, besides that we get along very well on and off the pitch, here we all get along well. I’ve been in a lot of changing rooms and here there is a harmony in the team and in the institution. We are all trying to do our best. This team has managed to get results forward and that is the character “revealed.

Leonardo Gil, the one with the beautiful goals

Finally, he analyzed a possible continuation in Colo Colo. “I think there is a chance that I will stay, when a club and the player agree, everything is easier. I am comfortable in the club and my wife also adapted quickly to the city, we are also close to the family and hopefully it can be given. There is still a long way to go and it will be seen later “, sentenced.

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