Léo Matteï: Anggun and her husband pose with Jean-Luc Reichmann

The new season of the TF1 detective series Léo Matteï, miners’ brigade is in the middle of filming. Jean-Luc Reichmann, who plays the main role, has posted numerous behind-the-scenes photos on his Instagram account. This Saturday April 2, it is with the singer Anggun and Christian, the latter’s husband, that he poses.

Léo Matteï, miners’ brigade, will indeed have a ninth season on TF1. Jean-Luc Reichmann, who lends his features to the famous police commander, had announced it in the middle of his show, The 12 strokes of noon, several months ago now. “Then, we will shoot the six episodes. And I am super happy because we are also trying to do prevention for children “, he had launched. An announcement that delighted unconditional fans of this series. And indeed, TF1’s detective series is currently filming. Jean-Luc Reichmann does not hesitate to post behind-the-scenes photos of the fiction on his Instagram account.

“Joy to meet again”

The presenter of 12 noon shots published this Saturday, April 2 a brand new photo of the shoot. He poses next toGraceful, who is one of the many guests of this season 9, and of the husband of the latter, Christian Kretschmar. A selfie taken early in the morning, as revealed by Jean-Luc Reichmann’s comment. “Joy to meet again in the morning on set to share good times, with Anggun and Christian. “ All this, embellished with the red heart-shaped emoji, showing the bond that has been woven between them. As for every season, well-known personalities will have a role in Léo Matteï, miners’ brigade. Little by little, Jean-Luc Reichmann reveals the cast on his Instagram account. He has already announced the participation of Laurent Ournac, Astrid Veillon or Lola Dubini, who was eliminated from Dance with the stars during the second prime.

A moment of complicity with Liliane Rovère

More recently, he showed Liliane Rovère, which was revealed to the general public in the now famous French series Ten percent, in which she plays the star agent Arlette Azéma. Thereby, she will also have a role in the new season of the TF1 series. Jean-Luc Reichmann seems to like the 88-year-old actress. He also shared a video, Friday, October 1, showing her singing I come back for you by Gilbert Bécaud. Definitely under the spell of Liliane… Elegant, positive, charming, joyful… Simply Ma-Gni-Fique “, he wrote before clarifying that he “wants to be like that at 88 “.

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