Leonardo Gil cannot be more than happy for the full capacity in Colo Colo’s match against UC

Colorado was happy thanks to the fact that Colo Colo will be able to receive Universidad Católica in a packed Monumental Stadium thanks to the changes in capacity matters announced by the health authorities.

Colo Gil cannot be more than happy for the full capacity against UC.
© ONE Agency.Colo Gil cannot be more than happy for the full capacity against UC.

Colo Colo works at full speed in this break for a new FIFA date with a view to the match on October 2 against Universidad Católica at the Monumental Stadium, where they could be crowned champions if some results are given.

The albos can lift the title of the 2022 National Championship against the Cruzados in case they get the three points, and Curicó Unido and Ñublense they don’t win their respective matches.

For this commitment to the UC, a real party is expected in the stands since the albos will be able to count on their full capacity in La Ruca after the changes in capacity announced by the health authorities.

One who referred to this situation was Leonardo Gil in conversation with the club’s networks, where he could not be more happy due to the end of the capacity restrictions and made a call to continue taking care of the locality.

In the first instance, Colorado indicated that “the capacity is because people have been doing things well, We ask you to continue in the same way because it would be a shame if you couldn’t join us and even more so in these important games. where we need them all.”

In closing, he assured that “when the soccer player goes out on the field and feels the support of his people, it motivates him more and gives him more strength. Both we and the people are on the same page, we all want to be champions, so hopefully it will be in peace and a partywe have the match with Católica and then Curicó, that it be with responsibility and that it be a nice party like every weekend“.

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