Leonel Herrera asks Falcón’s personal brand from Larrivey in the Superclásico

There is less and less left for a new edition of the Chilean soccer Superclásico to be experienced between Colo Colo and the U, a duel that will mark the return to action for the national tournament on its 22nd date after a short break for the national holidays.

One who anticipated what will be this new edition of the most important duel in national football was Leonel Herrera, historical player of the dawn and man of a thousand battles in this kind of duels.

Chuflinga, well in his style and remembering his years as a player, He asked for a special task to keep one of the best Blues players at bay. The former central defender wants a personal record from Maxi Falcón over Joaquín Larrivey.

“The function of a stopper is an individual marking on the player in front of them. The concern is 100 percent of the dial. If the rival does not touch it, it is because one complied. It is one of the recipes. Colo Colo has people like Falcón who, with their physical display and the desire they have, can fulfill that function ”, Herrera said in a talk with Al Aire Libre en Cooperativa.

In this sense, the historical defender argued that “I think that if an individual marking is made on him (Larrivey), Colo Colo would have a large percentage of the game in his pocket, but an individual marking that is to follow the entire opponent on the field of play is not easy to walk behind a player without being touched by one and the rival. The one who meets the conditions is Falcón, because he goes to the crash, he heads well, he’s strong and he’s aggressive ”.

Maximiliano Falcón has played two Superclassics against the U with the Cacique. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

“The classics are always different, they are special situations, special care. One in the week worries 100 percent about what the game is going to be. Let’s not forget that the U has been playing well, it has the top scorer in the Championship, therefore, it will be a very difficult game, but Colo Colo has been playing well, it is a very even team, where there are practically not many weaknesses “Herrera concluded.

Colo Colo with the University of Chile will play next Sunday, September 26 at 4:30 p.m. at the El Teniente de Rancagua Stadium, an area where the Blues have played home in 2021 due to the renovations that are being carried out at the Nacional .

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