Leopold Moreau: "The single ballot is a trap"

Congressman Leopoldo Moreau brought to the C5N studio a ballot used in the last elections in Santa Fe to elect councilors from Rosario, and just by looking at the size of the ballot and the amount of information, it is clear that the idea is to hide something.

Said ballot has the photo of the main candidate and when electing him, the rest of the list whose names appear on a poster and not on the ballot itself is also being voted on.

“Just inside the dark room there is a poster where the names are. You have to go with a laptop to know who they are” explained the deputy.

“I am embarrassed to belong to a Parliament that is discussing this issue at this time in the country,” said Deputy Moreau.

And he added that “they got together to change a system that works very well” and replied that “the idea of ​​fraud has been cleared up in Argentina many years ago.”

The national leader highlighted the contradictory nature of the opposition proposal and asserted that “the transparency of electoral processes is not only the day you vote or with the ballot you vote, it is also respecting the rules of the game of democracy.”

Leopoldo MOREAU: “The IDEA of FRAUD has been cleared up a long time ago in ARGENTINA”

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