Les combatantes (TF1): these scenes that worried Camille Lou!

In the series-event The fighters, of which TF1 is broadcasting the first two episodes this Monday, September 19, Camille Lou plays a nurse who lends a hand to the doctor in the operating room. A shame for an avowed hypochondriac!

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Fans of historical saga will not miss the debut of the series-event The fighters this Monday, September 19 on TF1 (and on which Télé-Loisirs.fr gives its opinion). Those who loved The Charity Bazaar on the same channel either (is there a link?). The two fictions indeed share the same artistic team… and the same actresses joined by Sofia Essaïdi. With the latter, Audrey Fleurot, Julie de Bona and Camille Lou embody four heroines caught in the torments of the First World War in eight epic episodes, rich in twists and turns, in blood, in tears (as after the death of little Lisette) and sweaty.

Camille Lou was apprehensive about shooting the surgery scenes in Les Combattantes

And it’s not Camille Lou who will say otherwise. The actress has indeed slipped into the skin of Suzanne, a nurse hiding her secret under a false identity, and in a convent transformed into a military hospital. She helps Joseph, the doctor played by Tom Leeb, during bloody operations on wounded soldiers: “I was afraid of this aspect of the shoot” did she reveal to us. “I would have loved to study medicine but I couldn’t because I was too sensitive to the sight of blood. In reality, on set, we knew that everything was fake and so my apprehension quickly disappeared. Fortunately that there was no smell of blood. If I had to breathe it, I wouldn’t have been able to!”

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I really had the feeling of stitching it up” recalls Camille Lou

The sensations remain during the sequences where Suzanne literally puts her hands in the body of her patients, as in the second episode of the evening: “When you plunge your hands into a chest and take an artery, you feel like it’s plastic!” had fun Camille Lou, who watched two documentaries on surgery from that time: “Then I cut myself off from the rest of the world to imagine the right things to do.” The actress also benefited from the advice of a consultant specializing in period medicine. Not to mention the work of David Scherer, chief special effects make-up artist: “I remember in particular a sequence where I had to treat a wound on the head of Vincent Rottiers (Lucien, editor’s note)and I really had the feeling of stitching it up!”

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