Les Combattantes (TF1): Julie de Bona reacts to the shocking death of the first episode…

The Fighters start the fight this Monday, September 19 on TF1, which is broadcasting the first two episodes of its event series (on which Télé-Loisirs.fr gives its opinion here), a romantic saga with a record budget, following the fate of four women during the first World War. We meet Marguerite (Audrey Fleurot), a rebellious prostitute who has come to work in the East, Caroline (Sofia Essaïdi), a determined bourgeois woman who sees her husband go to the front, Suzanne (Camille Lou), a gifted nurse fleeing the police, and Agnès (Julie de Bona), mother superior of a convent transformed into a makeshift military hospital. Four heroines embodied by four popular actresses, first and foremost Julie de Bona, the interpreter of Mother Agnès.

Agnès wonders how she will manage to hold on“explains Julie de Bona

“This woman touched me a lot. She is devoted, benevolent, organized her convent like a business leader. She welcomes people in need. And there, the war falls on them, Explain Julie de Bonathe interpreter of the nun. The convent is requisitioned, the sisters have never seen so many people, men, wounded. It’s hard for them, they learn to do care. My character starts the series wondering how she’s going to be able to hold on to reassure her novices and keep her convent overrun by the army running.”

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Fortunately, she can count on her deep faith to continue to move forward and face the first horrors of this war. At least that’s what she thinks. Because a tragic event will deeply upset Mother Agnès, who then finds herself in the grip of doubt. It is about the death of Lisette, a little girl to whom the nun is very attached. As the little girl returns to the family farm, she is killed by the Germans, along with her mother and sister.

“Agnès goes very quickly, very strong in the loss of faith” according to Julie de Bona

“Agnès wavers at that moment. She insults God. She goes very quickly, very strongly in the loss of faith. She no longer understands. She has always been devoted to religion and she cannot explain the death of this child. Her heart explodes, she loses all her bearings. It is the trigger for all her evolution” develops Julie de Bona, who remembers with emotion “The strength of this scene, of this cry when Agnès discovers Lisette’s body… She is lost and right after, a naked, injured, lost man who rushes at her. I interpreted that as a sign from God that Say don’t doubt.”

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