Les Grandes Gueules: Gilles-William Goldnadel stops the RMC show

This Monday, August 23, Big Mouths from RMC and RMC Story made their comeback … but without Gilles-William Goldnadel, who was one of his regular speakers. The lawyer explained it on Twitter.

The holidays are over for Big Mouths by RMC. The radio show presented by Olivier Truchot and Alain Marshall, and broadcast simultaneously on RMC Story, made its debut this Monday, August 23. This season, 17 “big mouths” will be invited to take turns on the talk-show set to discuss various social issues. The show’s faithful will thus find Zohra Bitan, Mourad Boudjellal, Charles Consigny or even Joรซlle Dago-Serry, some of the well-known faces of the show. But one of the most famous “big mouths” of viewers and listeners will be missed this season: it is Gilles-William Goldnadel. The lawyer announced on Monday on Twitter his departure from the show, for scheduling reasons. “Dear friends, my professional obligations lead me to leave my dear ones Big Mouths. I will come back from time to time when my news dictates. I still can’t figure out if I prefer Alain Marchot or Olivier Truchal“, he thus indicated.

Two other chroniclers of Big Mouths recently left the program

In this return, the team of Grandes Gueules is a little renewed. Because besides Gilles-William Goldnadel, another columnist of the talk-show of RMC and RMC Story had announced to leave it a few weeks ago. Maxime Lledo, student of history and political science, who was the “youngest of the Grandes Gueules” and officiated in the show for several seasons, has indeed announced his departure last June.

Last summer, it was Fatima Aรฏt Bounoua who formalized her departure from the show, after having participated in it for six seasons. This year, Olivier Truchot and Alain Marshall’s show welcomes five new recruits: Louis Boyard, law student; Benjamin Cauchy, auto-entrepreneur who had distinguished himself during the yellow vests crisis; Stella Kamnga, political communication student; the professor of economics Thomas Porcher, accustomed to the TV shows, and the hunter Willy Schraen.

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