“Let’s Dance” star Bastian Bielendorfer talks about love rumors

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Bastian Bielendorfer
Comedian Bastian Bielendorfer and professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova are eliminated from “Let’s Dance”. © Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

Bastian Bielendorfer and Ekaterina Leonova caused quite a few rumors as candidates for “Let’s Dance”. He now took a position on Instagram. Read more here:

Cologne – The journey on “Let’s Dance” recently came to an end for Bastian Bielendorfer and Ekaterina Leonova. The rumors about the duo, where the chemistry was right, continue. RUHR24 knows how Bastian Bielendorfer commented on the rumors of love.

In contrast to the two, there were also rumors about Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató. The two said, however, that they would not understand each other.

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