& quot; Let’s not be hypocrites & quot;: Karina La Princesita erupted in anger after the accusations against her

Economic problems became the main concern of Karina The Little Princess In this last time, since the impossibility of doing shows for several months due to the quarantine was added some legal cases that he lost. In this context, the artist began little by little to work to pay off those debts, But after his presentation in Quilmes, information began to circulate about the amount he would have charged for it, which was 8 million pesos, and this unleashed his anger..

It is known that exjury of the “Singing 2020” prefers to express himself on social media rather than in the media, and that is why The little Princess He decided to use his Twitter account to make a strong download and deny this version that circulated. Although he did not disclose the figure he received for this concert, he did make it clear that the high amount that was said and that such an impact generated was not such. In his thread he detailed it perfectly.

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