Let’s repeat it! Colo Colo already knows what it is to win a Chile Cup against Everton

Starting at 4:30 pm this Saturday September 4, Colo Colo will take to the field to seek glory and will face Everton at the Fiscal Stadium in Talca, within the framework of the final of the Chile Cup 2021.

Those led by Gustavo Quinteros settled in the final of the Creole contest after leaving on the way to Sports La Serena, Palestinian and Spanish Union. While the Ruleteros eliminated Sports Santa Cruz, Catholic University, Ñublense and Coquimbo Kingdom.

This afternoon the Cacique will go in search of his thirteenth trophy in this competition. And the albos You already know what it is to win a cup final against Oro y Cielo, since in 2016 they were crowned champions after defeating them 4 to 0 at the National Stadium.

On that December 14, 2016, the team trained by Pablo Guede was left with the victory with annotations by Octavio Rivero, a double by Esteban Paredes and another by Ramon Fernandez.

That afternoon, Popular jumped onto the pitch with Paulo Garces in goal; Matías Zaldivia, Julio Barroso and Claudio baeza in defence; Gonzalo Fierro, Esteban Pavéz, Gabriel Suazo, Martín Rodríguez and Ramon Fernandez in the middle of the field; Octavio Rivero and Esteban Paredes on offense.

After the triumph of that day, Colo Colo returned to stay with a Chile Cup after long 20 years. Of that team, only Gabriel Suazo will be able to repeat the plate, since Zaldivia is out due to injury and Iván Morales is with the Chilean team. For his part, Julio Barroso will also see action but with the rival’s shirt.

This Saturday, the ball will start rolling at 4:30 p.m. at the Fiscal Stadium in Talca. It should be noted that whoever becomes champion of this edition of the Creole competition will get tickets for the Copa Libertadores 2022 as Chile 3.

The training that Pablo Guede stopped in the 2016 final. Source: Agencia UNO.

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