LG Announces Second Generation Ergo Monitors With QHD Resolution, Low Latency And More

A LG announced this week the second generation of Ergo monitors, models focused on productivity and that have features aimed at the user’s health, including the possibility to adjust the angle in different positions, change the height and use both vertically and horizontally.

The new versions are the Ergo Dual (27QP88D) and Ergo Single (32QP880), monitors that, in addition to better ergonomics, also feature other differentials, such as IPS panels with QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), displaying good image quality and fidelity of colors.

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Both share some features of the previous generation, offering maximum height adjustment of 150 mm in the Ergo Dual variant and 130 mm in the Single version, both of which can be rotated up to 335º, that is, being indicated for different types of use, although they are intended for work.

Going even further, both launches have an easy-to-install articulated arm that secures the monitors without the need for screws, fixing vertically to tables with a maximum thickness of 75 mm.

As for the screen’s specs, the LG Ergo Dual is 27 inches, while the Single version is slightly larger boasting 31.5″ with 350 nits of maximum brightness, both versions have support for HDR10 mode, AMD FreeSync and latency of just 5 ms.

Availability and price

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not mention the prices that will be charged for the monitors, but this information is expected to be released in the next few days, as product availability should start during the second half of October.

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