LG unveils the ultra-compact and sustainable car speaker

LG Display reveals the Thin Actuator Sound Solutiona speaker that the same company defines Invisible thanks to its extremely small size. According to reports, the new audio technology dedicated to cars will be marketed as early as the first half of 2023.

Space efficiency, innovation of design, innovation of sound experience ed eco-friendliness enabled the Thin Actuator Sound Solution device to obtain the CES 2023 Innovation Award in the In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety category.

We have transformed the conventionally heavy and bulky loudspeaker into a high quality ‘invisible’ audio solution using our cutting-edge technology to elevate space, design and ecological factors and provide a superior sound experience like never before. now, said Yeo Chun-ho, vice president and head of business development at LG Display.

lg car

With dimensions of 150 x 90 mm and one thickness of 2.5mm, the Thin Actuator Sound Solution weighs only 40 grams. We are talking about a device that stands out, therefore, for being 70% less in weight than a classic car speaker and with 90% less in thickness.

Not surprisingly, its extremely compact size and innovative form factor, thanks to the film excitation technology developed by LG Display, allow the user to install the device in various parts inside the car. As the manufacturer points out, the exclusive technology employed allows the device to vibrate on the display panels and on various materials inside the car body to allow a3D sound experience rich and immersive, while also eliminating the bulk of a traditional loudspeaker. In fact, the device not only allows the removal of the speaker grilles, but also improves space efficiency without compromising the sound quality.

Aspect not to be underestimated is the lack of use of items Rare lands such as neodymium normally used in conventional loudspeakers which thus increases the ecological factor of the loudspeaker and make it a eco-friendly accessory.

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