Liam Di Benedetto reveals for the adorable boils of his one-month-old daughter

Liam Di Benedetto became the mother of little Sharly on July 13th. To celebrate her daughter’s first month, the young woman dedicated a moving statement to her on Instagram, revealing the baby’s face for the occasion.

On July 13, Liam Di Benedetto gave birth to a baby girl named Sharly. This is the second child of the former reality TV candidate, already mother of a little Joy, born in May 2018 from her loves with her companion, who has since become her husband, Christophe Dicranian. The 27-year-old young woman has therefore tamed motherhood, she who takes care of her 3-year-old eldest with a disability. Yet even though she had already experienced childbirth, this new happy event was not the easiest. The arrival of the baby was indeed a bit rushed, which the mother had a little trouble living with.

Liam Di Benedetto, fulfilled mother

Sensing something abnormal that day, Liam Di Benedetto decided to go to the hospital for a check-up. It was then announced to him, to his dismay, that the pocket of water had pierced and the work had begun. “I cried, I didn’t expect today at all. I was not mentally prepared to give birth tonight. For me, we were going to go home as usual ” confided the young woman at the time. But the show’s former candidate Moms and Famous has since recovered from his emotions. Today, she couldn’t be happier with the baby’s arrival. And this Friday, August 13, on the occasion of the first month’s birthday of her daughter, that is to say the one month of her little Sharly, she wanted to share her happiness with her subscribers.

“I love it so much my doll”

To celebrate the first month of his daughter’s life, Liam Di Benedetto shared on his Instagram account an adorable photo album in which we can discover the evolution of Sharly since her birth. From his arrival at the maternity ward, to his many naps, through his cuddles with dad and his bottles with his big sister: the adorable slideshow shows a month of Sharly. The opportunity to discover the adorable face of the child. Until now, Liam Di Benedetto had indeed preferred to preserve the baby’s face, which is therefore revealed here really for the first time. Mum filled, the young woman of 27 years accompanied these pictures with a moving declaration of love to her daughter. “Already 1 month since my princess was born, it goes so quickly girls. I feel like I gave birth last week. I love my doll so much” she wrote, before adding the hastag “Don’t grow too fast”.

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