Liberal congressmen ask César Gaviria to declare himself as a government party

through a letter, a group of current and elected congressmen from the Liberal Party asked former president César Gaviria to decide to declare themselves as the ruling party during the mandate of president-elect Gustavo Petrofor considering that his program is related to liberal ideas.

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“Those of us who signed this letter, that we are more than 20 parliamentarians of the Liberal Partyboth House Representatives and Senators, we are asking both to President Gaviria as well as the Liberal Party caucus that we declare ourselves the government party because we think that the program of Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez represents the historical ideas of the party“, said Congressman Juan Carlos Losada.

For the same reason, Losada considered that despite the fact that the majority of the party did not support Gustavo Petro’s candidacy during the campaign, “we believe that the Liberal Party should play a central role in the transformations that Colombian society demands today, and that were forcefully expressed at the polls. It is time to take a turn in the Liberal Party, and the beginning is the declaration as a government party, and accompany Petro”.

Among the signatory congressmen are, in addition to Losada, Andrés Calle, Olga Beatriz González, María Eugenia Lopera, Álvaro Rueda, Elizabeth Jay-Pang, Crisanto Piso, Juan Diego Echevarría, Carlos Julio Bonilla, Luciano Grisales and Gustavo Estupiñán.

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