Lidl’s new Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot will have no microphones

Lidl will sell a new version of its Monsieur Cuisine connected food processor, but which will not have a microphone, as the brand has confirmed to us. Google Assistant, which is featured in the brand’s advertising, will in fact not be integrated into the device. What to avoid repeating the questions raised by the previous model, which had a microphone not mentioned in the instructions, potentially vulnerable to attacks. Numerama echoed this in an investigation two years ago.

Monsieur Cuisine Connect is no longer: place Monsieur Cuisine Smart, the new connected household robot from Lidl, which the German brand presented in a video on November 14, 2021. It will be marketed from December 6 in the usual points of sale at 399 euros.

Obviously, all eyes are on the device’s microphone, which was the focus of a Numerama investigation two years ago. With the help of two French people, we discovered that a microphone had been installed on the Monsieur Cuisine Connect of 2019 and that it was not indicated anywhere in the manual, while it was possible to turn it on. .

This time, the answer was simple and clear: the Monsieur Cuisine Smart has no microphone, confirmed the brand, questioned by Numerama. It is therefore a difference in size compared to the previous model, which had this microphone (which had, moreover, been voluntarily deported next to the tablet of the device by the Silvercrest brand) despite the fact that the object no had no voice command functionality.

At the time, the purchasing director of Lidl France had provided to the Digital website that it was a thoughtful decision: “However, we have decided to leave the speaker and microphone to be able to activate voice control in a future version via an update. », Could we read in their columns. Program change, therefore: the Monsieur Cuisine Connect no longer exists, and will never have integrated a voice assistant.

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart will not have a microphone

Moreover, the new Monsieur Cuisine Smart will not really have one either. As Lidl has also confirmed to us, and contrary to what part of the specialized press on the subject has repeated, the Google Assistant voice assistant has not been integrated into the household appliance. ” It is necessary to have a Google Home (or Google Home Mini or a google phone) to make the communication interface with the Monsieur Connect Smart », We are told.

Next to the Monsieur Cuisine Smart, a Google Home Mini // Source: Lidl France

It must be said that the advertising left little doubt on the question. We see a woman say: ” Hey Google, set the temperature to 100 ° C », Then the camera moves towards the Monsieur Cuisine Smart. We then clearly see a Google Home Mini speaker, placed to the left of the device (they are marketed from 20 euros, online).

It should therefore be understood that the MC Smart will not be able to respond to voice commands on its own. It is for this reason also that the object can afford not to have any microphone: to hear your indications, it will need another input device.

Obviously, we will have to wait for the product to be marketed in December to be able to observe the device from the inside in detail.

Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine Connect was a hit with Lidl: in June 2019, the attractive price of the household appliance had caused the crush in many stores. To manufacture it, Silvercrest was largely inspired by Thermomix TM6 de Vorweck, sold for € 1,360, or three times the price of the new MC Smart.

According to our information at the time, Vorwerk was in the process of considering a complaint in an attempt to stop sales of a product that looked too similar to his. Two years later, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect is no longer … but the Monsieur Cuisine Smart looks like two drops of water (less microphone).

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