“Life decision that I don’t regret a day”: Thomas Gottschalk talks about the separation from Thea

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Of: Stella Rueggeberg

Thomas Gottschalk and his ex-wife Thea
Thomas Gottschalk talks about the marriage to Mrs. Thea © dpa | Matthew Balk

After 43 years, Thomas Gottschalk announced Ms Thea’s marriage in 2019. Although he keeps his private life out of the public eye, he now justifies the breakup. He also gives insights into his current relationship with Karina Mroß.

California – Thomas Gottschalk announced the separation from his wife Thea in 2019 after 43 years of marriage. After the marriage, the 72-year-old quickly found love again and has been in a relationship with Karina Mroß for about two years. Even if the “Wetten, dass..?” moderator keeps his private happiness out of the media, he is now speaking openly about his old and new relationship for the first time.

Thomas Gottschalk justifies the marriage to his wife Thea

Thomas Gottschalk likes to keep his private life out of the public eye in order to avoid: “that tomorrow morning’s breakfast television will be rated by some celebrity expert who can figure something out,” he explains in the BUNTE interview. He spoke openly to the magazine about the separation from his wife Thea.

Thomas Gottschalk and wife Thea
Moderator Thomas Gottschalk announced the marriage to Thea in 2019 © Britta Pedersen

“I believe in long-term relationships,” explains Tomas Gottschalk. “I didn’t elope with my wife after 40 years of marriage with a 28-year-old ballet dancer,” the TV presenter continues to joke.

Moderator Thomas Gottschalk shows his luxury property in California

“I didn’t jump over a stick lightly, it was a life decision that I don’t regret a day,” explains the “Wetten, dass ..?” star. The relationship with Thea is now a thing of the past.

Thomas Gottschalk has been with his Karina Mroß for over two years now. The couple lives together in California. A few months ago, Thomas Gottschalk presented his luxury property there. Sources used: COLORFUL

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