"Life is long": Nathalie Baye sings for the first time

Nathalie Baye performs with the duo The Penelopes, a song entitled Life is long on the album of the same name, available this Friday.

“I hadn’t done that yet, it amused me”: it’s as simple as that for Nathalie Baye, actress who now sings on the album of The Penelopes, electro-pop signed by an exiled French duo in London.

The song sung in English is called “Life is long” and gives its name to a disc which will be released this Friday.

It’s an insane bet carried out, that of this tandem of singing surrounded by a four-star cast of actresses. We thus find pieces with Isabelle Adjani, Asia Argento, Virginie Ledoyen and Lola Bessis (seen in Mr and Mrs Adelman” by Nicolas Bedos, among others).

Singles with Isabelle Adjani (Meet me by the gates, The last goodbye), Asia Argento (dream baby dream) and Virginie Ledoyen (Affliction) have already been released over the past three years, the health crisis having postponed the release of the album.

The piece with Nathalie Baye is unveiled this Friday. If music is familiar ground with Isabelle Adjani – we remember in particular Navy sweatersuccess co-written with Serge Gainsbourg- the actress of The balance had never sung on an album.

“Two very funny guys”

Good memories will remember semblance of incursions, such as his calm voice for Les Enfoirés, a duet for a TV show with Sylvie Vartan or even a sung passage in the film A life waiting for you.

Of course, it is she who whispers the introduction of Something from Tennessee of Johnny Hallyday, whose life she shared. But with The Penelopes, the actress of venus beauty really sings in this melancholic title, alongside the gravelly voice of Axel Basquiat. The other half of the pair is Vincent Tremel.

“It was Vincent and Axel who tamed me, they’re still two very funny guys, that makes things easier,” the movie star told AFP, contacted on the nerve by the tandem. “I’m not a suspicious person, it’s almost animal in me, I want it or not, my instinct has sometimes deceived me in my life, but not a lot in my work” she continues, sitting between the two musicians.

“During our first meeting, you asked us questions for 45 minutes about England before saying to us ‘yes, let’s record this song'”, recalls Vincent, addressing the actress.

“You had never sung on a record, we were a bit mad to offer that, and when you said ‘yes’, I hallucinated, we were really happy”, continues Axel.

“I won’t let them go”

Between the septuagenarian and the thirties, laughter and jokes fuse. This complicity made the recording session fluid. “It really marked me, you had no apprehension in front of the microphone, whereas I find it intimidating”, remembers Vincent.

The lyrics of Life is long (“Life is long”) refer to a stage of adolescence, when prospects are slow to emerge. A theme that resonates with the three artists.

“We grew up and we met with Axel in Stains, the northern suburbs of Paris, it was gray and culturally there was not much, Paris was so close and so far at the same time”, deploys Vincent .

“My parents did not get along, the best gift they gave me was to leave me free; I left for the USA at 18, as a babysitter in a family, I was dancing at the same time , it made me feel good”, confides the actress of “The American night”. “The lyrics are quite dark, but when Nathalie arrives and sings, there is a little light at the end of the tunnel”, breathes Axel. In the clip, a classical dancer is also cramped, child, before evolving on an infinite beach, adult.

And if the duo The Penelopes gives a concert in Paris, will we see Nathalie Baye behind a microphone on stage for this piece? “I won’t let them go, I got attached to these little guys,” she says, under their delighted eyes.

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