Light and Cosmos, review: the therapeutic power of positivity

Have you ever read a comic that immediately managed to give you the desire to get to the last page, and then want to read it again? One of those volumes that earn their place in the corner of our library where we usually put our favourites, “comfort comfort”. Light and Cosmos from Isaac Friedl And Yiyang it could be exactly one of them: the new graphic novel with a manga soul home weldPress halfway between supernatural tale and romancewith a somewhat “city pop” and “chillwave” aesthetic that tastes like nostalgia. So we want to tell you Light and Cosmosnew title of the series Yaù! out November 18, and explain why it’s worth reading.

Light and Cosmos

Light and Cosmos: the plot

Isaak Friedl and Yi Yang once again combine their respective talents with one new collaboration comics: the two authors have in fact signed together titles such as Help! And Help! Siblings, Sasso the Painter, Welcome to the Jungle content within Dylan Dog Color Fest And One Day Without a Name and a Year Without Us for the Chinese market. Winning team doesn’t change and definitely Light and CosmosSaldaPress’ new graphic novel is a clear example of how this collaboration work and be fruitful. Light and Cosmos is in fact a nice little volume to read and re-read, which under the veil of ayoung adult labeling And colorful pages hides a dark twist and a more mature soul of what is believed.

Light and Cosmos

The story told is that of Cosmos, a lonely young man who works as a bartender by day and a software designer by night. However, Cosmo is only apparently a boy like all the others, since he actually hides a gift (or a curse?): That of being able to see the “burdens” of other individualsdark entities that feed on gods negative feelings and at the same time fuel its reach to plunge humanity into despair. Amidst this chaos of voices that Cosmo tries to ignore, a beautiful girl stands out among all, Lightwhich seems to be free of burdens and can always find a reason to smile. The purity of Light tempts burdens, however, and they mean bribe her mercilessly: only Cosmo’s love and determination can save Luce from the horrible fate that awaits her.

The therapeutic power of positivity

Light and Cosmos it really is one of those graphic novels that leave the feeling of having read something beautiful and pleasant. Isaak Friedl and Yi Yang’s new title comes with mature tones, allusions quite explicit, one dark and supernatural twist who paints them real worries common to individuals on a daily basis. And yet, among the shadows of the burdens (creatures and human anguish) and their constant malevolent whispering in the ears of individuals, the authors manage to graft sprouts of optimism and positivityof that contagious purity that communicates the will to live. How? Thanks to the two protagonists, Luce and Cosmo, owners of evocative names and a wonderful characterizationable in a few pages to make these characters precious.

Cosmos, in his gray routineowns one great will to do and determination, the perseverance in pursuing one’s goals despite the insistent and petulant voice of the burden that infects him and his cat, Seal, and those of the countless shadows that live like parasites in everyone else’s soul. Light with his spontaneity and his cheerfulness which, despite making her rather naïve, grant her the gift of influence positively and give a smile as much to Cosmo, a lonely young man forced to perceive the negativity of the burdens, as to the reader himself.

Light and Cosmos however, he does not sin of excessive candor: there are burdens that push their human guests to give themselves up to violence, vandalism, alcohol and drug addictions, and there is a villain capable of wickedness against young women who turns out to be all too obnoxiously realistic. Simply Friedl and Yang’s graphic novel seems to know well how much positivity, kindness, acts of love are contagious and therapeutic: Wouldn’t everything be a little brighter if we followed the example of the protagonists of this story? In their names there is certainly also a connection to our universe: what would the black cosmos be without a light to illuminate it?

Light and Cosmos

Light and Cosmos reads for this in a single moment, perhaps really too short, because the desire is to find out if our protagonists will be able to maintain their stubbornness and their purity until the end, with the constant fear that in the end darkness and corruption may prevail. We certainly do not want to make spoilers, but the conclusion of Light and Cosmos keeps a window open on a possible sequel and, given the speed with which this volume can be read pleasantly, the hope is that it will actually be made in the future.

Light and Cosmos and those nostalgic atmospheres

L’graphic apparatus by Yi Yang (about the author, find our review of Deep Vacation here) is the crowning of feelings conveyed by Light and Cosmos. Ultra colourfulalways on the move, with light effects and fluorescent transparencies brilliant and enchanting: the illustrations of this graphic novel are what was needed for a narrative of this type. That’s the flu Oriental manga, but in the choice of colors, the urban setting, the lights and the taste for a certain type of technology, it seems that even the music put your own. Light and Cosmos seems to adopt in fact that particular aesthetic evoked by the city pop and from chill wave: i neon colorsthe view of a illuminated city at nightbut also the same setting and the characterization of the characters (especially Luce) who bring to mind those of the typical plots of 80s manga and animeto which these musical genres are closely linked.

Light and Cosmos

The visual system therefore contributes in some way to conveying a sense of nostalgia: not insistent and artificial as often happens in works in which atmospheres and quotations are forcibly inserted, but veiled and natural, present in a genuine and spontaneous way. There dust jacket of the volume is then a touch of class. Black with gold inserts of moons and esoteric symbols, refined and at the same time perfect for this young adult graphic novel, with a current and extremely apt aesthetic: a perfect summary of duality from Light and Cosmosalways stretched between dark and supernatural forces who try to darken the world, and a desire to live contagious and shining.

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